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Siemens Gear Motors, Gearbox, Gear Units

MOTOX Helical Geared Siemens Motors
MOTOX Helical Geared Siemens Motors, Siemens Gearbox - The Conventi`onal Solution for Your Drive Application

Helical geared motors are the conventional solution for your drive application. Helical gear units are coaxial units where the Siemens gear unit output shaft is in-line with the Siemens motor shaft. A solid shaft is always used as output shaft.

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MOTOX Parallel Shaft Geared Motors
MOTOX Parallel Shaft Geared Motors, Siemens Gear box
The Low-profile Drive

Parallel shaft Siemens gear motors are the modern version of coaxial geared motors. As a result of their compact and short design, they take up less space than helical geared motors. Parallel shaft geared motors can either have a solid shaft - or alternatively a hollow shaft as so-called plug-on gear unit.

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Siemens Worm Gear Motor
MOTOX Helical Worm Geared Motors, Siemens Gearbox - The Cost-effective Angular Geared Siemens Motor

Helical worm geared motors are the favorably-priced solution
for drives with angular geared motors. The efficiency is
significantly better than that of pure worm geared motors
due to the implementation as helical-worm geared motors.

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Siemens Gear Motor
MOTOX Helical Be¥el Geared Motors
The Angular Gear Siemens Motor with
a High Power Density

Helical bevel Siemens gear motors are angular geared motors where the Siemens gear unit output shaft is rotated through 90° to the motor shaft. Helical bevel geared units can either have a solid or a hollow shaft.

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Helical Gear Motors
MOTOX Bevel helical geared Mortos
The Conventional Solution for Your Drive Application

B28..38 / K38... K188
Crane technology Airport technology Warehouse systems Up to 20000 Nm, Up to 177,000 in-Ibs, 200 kW, 300HP., Gear Sizes 10.

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Siemens Gearbox

Siemens standard modular components can be combined for nearly any torque range and are compatible over all series.
On the following pages we would like to convince you of the numerous advantages of the Siemens standard components.

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The upper power rating range of the standard Siemens Product range is covered by the PLANREX(R) planetary gear nit series.
Torques of up to 2,600,000 Nm can be transmitted. This Product has been standardized and is available in 27 sizes, which results in short delivery

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Couplings and Clutches
Couplings and Clutches

As Europe's biggest coupling manufacturer, Siemens makes mechanical couplings covering a torque range between 15 and 10,000,000 Nm. Approximately 300,000 couplings and clutches are sold every year, based upon 80years of wide-ranging experience and knowledge derived from our latest research programs.

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